Curiculum Vitae
Family name: Christiansen
First names: Anders Guldager
Date of birth: February 26th. 1940
Nationality: Danish
Civil status: Married

[ Date from - Date to ]
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
University of Copenhagen
June 1959 - January 1967
Master of Law
SEL (State School for Adult Teaching) 1976 Degree as teacher for adults

Language skills:
Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)
Language Reading Speaking Writing
Mother Language
English 1 1 1
French 3 2 4
German 3 2 4

Membership of professional bodies:
Professional union for lawyers and economists (DJØF)

Present position:
Run my own consultancy firm,
Associate Professor, Danish School of Public Administration, DSPA-International

Years within the firm: One year

Key qualifications: (Relevant to the project)

Specialist in Public Procurement. More than 20 years experience. Responsible for EC negotiations for Danish govern-ment 1986-92, including advising the Danish Minister of Industry.

Participated in work concerning Ministry of Finance’s guidelines regarding outsourcing.

Experienced manager of projects concerning major procurement projects, including contract management.Worked as consultant for municipalities and counties concerning procurement policies and guidelines.

More than 15 years as extern consultant for Maersk Oil and Gas Inc. (Denmark’s biggest company) including advises in specific procurements and intern guidelines concerning utilities (energy sector).

Experienced as teacher and instructor concerning public procurement.

Specific experience in the region:

Country Date from - Date to
Denmark Arranging and performing around 20 seminars on behalf of EC-Commission 1993, public procurement
Lithuania Teaching on seminar February 1997, public procurement
Slovenia Training session, public procurement, 2001
Bulgaria Phare project on public procurement, 2005
Latvia Phare project on public procurement, ongoing

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